Today, we've got a very cool electric van, a diesel-engine maker moving into electric trucks, Mazda's rotary range-extending engine, and new and better electric motorcycles. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Refrigerated trucks are a small but crucial piece of the commercial van market; now Nissan has an all-electric refrigerated van concept for next week's Tokyo Motor Show.

We announced our three finalists for the Best Car To Buy 2018 award earlier this week; now we have the list of the cars that didn't make it, and some notes on why.

You may remember Brammo for their electric motorcycles, but the company remained in business in electric powertrains after it sold the bike unit. Now, diesel-engine maker Cummins has purchased Brammo. Hmmmmmm.

Mazda has all but confirmed that it will have a rotary-engine range extender in its 2020 electric car. Take that, BMW i3 REx!

The 2018 Zero electric motorcycle range is now out, and they get more range, faster charging, and relatively few price hikes.

The latest tests show drivers do better than passengers in crash safety, and the IIHS intends to change that.

Finally, we now know a little more about Apple's self-driving car system. Which looks kinda ... well, you tell us.


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