Today, it appears the future may include more electric SUVs, less ethanol in gasoline, a VW electric hill-climbing race car, and much, much faster battery recharging. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Last week, Toshiba announced a battery cell that could offer the long-sought recharging time as quick as a gasoline refill.

The EPA is now run by a fossil-fuel proponent, so it may not be surprising that it's considering reductions in ethanol blended into gasoline.

Could a teaser video preview a Nissan electric SUV to appear at next week's Tokyo Motor Show? We add up why that seems likely.

Volkswagen will return to Pikes Peak for the first time in 30 years, but a purpose-built battery-electric race car will supplant its twin-engine Golf from 1987.

A new Toyota hydrogen fuel-cell concept may hint at a luxury car of the future. Ummmm ... wow.

Finally, did your glass sunroof suddenly explode? It appears you're not alone.


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