Today, we ended up with two separate stories on the Volkswagen diesel scandal, Nissan sold its electric-car battery unit, transparent solar moonroofs may be coming, and we explain why you should think about hot dogs. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Over the weekend, we summarized last week's top green-car stories.

We also reported on the sentence handed down to a VW diesel engineer last week, including 40 months in jail: it was stiffer than expected.

Now that the EPA has reopened its Midterm Review of finalized emission limits for 2022-2025 vehicles, we explained how you can submit comments to the agency on those rules.

We looked at differences in how Tesla electric cars charge their batteries in the US and the UK.

An Audi engineer in Germany has implicated top executives in VW Group's sprawling diesel emission cheating scandal.

Nissan has completed the sale of its AESC electric-car battery unit to a Chinese private-equity firm.

Why should you talk about hot dogs and buns in discussing electric cars and public charging stations? We explain it all for you.

Solar roofs for cars aren't a new idea, but a fully transparent solar roof may be: Audi and a Chinese firm are developing one.

Self-driving cars in Germany now have a set of ethics enacted into law: people take priority over animals.

Finally, remember the hydrogen fuel-cell SUV with the range-extending battery Mercedes was working on? It debuts next week at the Frankfurt auto show.


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