Today, Mazda will launch a new and far more fuel-efficient engine even as a supplier says engine development will end in a decade; our readers weigh in on the Tesla Model 3; and we look at lessons learned from educating the public on electric cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We kicked off with a survey on the prospects for the Tesla Model 3 now that it's out. Our respondents had some very definite opinions.

Mazda's forthcoming SkyActiv-X engine will feature HCCI, which boosts fuel economy up to 30 percent by letting a gasoline engine behave like a more efficient diesel.

Will $14 million in rescue funds for Faraday Future let it get its FF 91 luxury electric car into production? An already-built factory in California could help.

One supplier has a startling prediction: German carmakers will end refinements to internal-combustion engines by 2025. Wow.

We took a deep dive into the lessons learned at an electric-vehicle showroom that offers education and test drives of multiple cars, along with charging stations, for car shoppers.

Frequent drivers on our nation's highways will be ecstatic to learn that Nevada will start ticketing left-lane slowpokes. Hallelujah.

Finally, we tell you the most and least expensive states for auto insurance. Where does your state rate?


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