Today, we put two criticisms of electric cars into context, look at plug-in vehicle sales for the U.S. last month, fill you in on self-driving cars in The Netherlands, and consider when peak demand for oil could arrive. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We published the first cut at our monthly plug-in electric car sales report for July, which will be updated throughout the day.

A small Dutch startup company hopes to put self-driving electric cars on city streets as early as next year.

Another day, another new propaganda video that distorts the facts about electric cars: we debunk it.

Exxon and OPEC have one view of the future of global oil (upward!); some other analyses, including one from Bloomberg, suggest declines are possible and likely imminent.

A North American Mazda executive suggests that combustion engines can get cleaner, but that electric-car sales would collapse without federal subsidies.

Remember that the NHTSA under Trump said it could lower fuel-economy standards? Surprise, surprise: automakers want a deal that would raise them. We explain why.

Finally, British sports-car maker Aston Martin—now run by Nissan's former product chief during the Nissan Leaf launch—has hired a Ferrari powertrain engineer to oversee its electrification efforts.

Strange times, eh?


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