Today, discussion of diesel bans in Europe, updates on Toyota solid-state cells, context of the pace of electric-car battery advances, and some BYD news to boot. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We added some additional details to yesterday's story on Toyota plans for solid-state batteries in a 2022 electric car.

No sooner did Audi and Mercedes agree to update 9 million diesel cars than the European industry commissioner warned cities against diesel bans, saying it would hurt carmakers.

Chinese electric-car maker BYD will expand into other electric industrial equipment following its successes with electric transit buses.

More anti-electric-car propaganda in a new video, which was roundly debunked by pointing out numerous errors in actual, you know, facts.

The U.K. will ban sales of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2040, following the lead of a handful of European countries.

Expecting regular, radical, revolutionary advances in batteries for electric cars? Don't. Battery evolution will largely come from incremental improvements, rather than transformative leaps.

Following Tesla's lead, GM will offer over-the-air updates for its cars by 2020, says CEO Mary Barra.

Finally, users of the much-loved Waze app will be happy to learn it's coming to Android Auto, and we've seen it working.


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