Today, we dig deeper into the reasons for a Chevy Bolt EV plant shutdown, look at why Audi may have cheated on diesel emissions, assess charging stations, and tell you why we think Formula E is important. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We analyzed the news that Chevy is extending its shutdown of the plant that builds Bolt EV electric cars; it's mostly about the Sonic subcompact also built on the same line. But reader reactions proved predictable.

A new arrest in the VW diesel emission scandal suggests that its sibling brand Audi cheated on its diesels because a properly-sized urea tank would take up room its product executives wanted for high-end audio gear.

We run down European electric-car sales through May; once again, as it has been for many, many months, the Renault Zoe is the best-selling EV in Europe.

If you're looking for an electric-car charging station, we have some recommendations.

Yesterday we ran down 11 things you should know about Formula E electric-car races; today, we looked at why electric-car drivers, fans, and advocates should pay attention to the small but growing international series.

Struggling Faraday Future has hired the BMW i boss to head development efforts on its FF 91 luxury electric car, which it hopes to launch in 2019.

Finally, even OPEC has concluded that electric cars are actually, genuinely a real thing.


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