Today, we look at predictions of electric-car demand, offer a video showing curb-side electric-car charging from a streetlamp, report on a charging-network deal, and consider how VW could be in for more diesel pain. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The U.S. charging network ChargePoint will take over the management of General Electric's network of almost 10,000 charging stations.

We polled our Twitter followers to find out when major buyer demand for electric cars would arrive. The results were surprisingly conclusive.

There may be more pain ahead for VW brands and Bosch over diesel emission cheating, this time in Europe.

Charge your electric car from a street lamp while it's parked at the curb? Ubitricity makes it possible, and we've got the video.

With marijuana use now legal in more and more U.S. locales, studies of its effects on traffic safety are starting to emerge.

Finally, the self-driving "Roboracer" did a lap of the circuit at the Berlin ePrix all by itself. We've got that video, too.


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