Today, we've got news on this year's electric Bolt EV (an ad!), the Senate's former electric cars (more than a century ago), a stand-down by EPA head and climate-denier Scott Pruitt, and California partnering with China on zero-emission vehicles. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Over the weekend, we ran down our top green-car stories of last week.

We also gave you the strange history of the U.S. Senate's electric cars—and where they are now.

Advertising for the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car? It does exist, it turns out, and we've seen the evidence with our own eyes.

The Renault Zoe topped the European plug-in electric sales charts for January through April. Again.

Partners: California is now working with China to help the world's largest car market launch zero-emission vehicle sales rules, targeting tens of millions of such cars on their roads by 2030.

More important Golden State news, from Washington, D.C.: EPA head Scott Pruitt says the agency isn't "currently" targeting California's emission waiver, crucial to letting it set its own air-quality standards.

Want to know what the entirely redesigned 2019 Ford Focus compact hatchback looks like? These are the spy shots.

Finally, it turns out that the EPA warned Fiat Chrysler about diesel defeat devices almost two years ago. Hmmmmmm.


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