Today, we've got some amusing news out of Germany, a range-extended electric pickup truck, a sales update, and a multi-linked analysis of how much energy hydrogen fuel-cell cars really require. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We explained why BMW is using Teslas to scare its staff about the future of electric cars and its place in that world.

Our reader Victor Ettel explains why hydrogen fuel-cell cars use far more energy than electric cars, and even than hybrids—more fuel for an ongoing debate.

There's now a range-extended electric pickup truck, designed from scratch for fleet use: the Workhorse W-15 has now been revealed and driven.

Which carmakers are showing that California's 2025 zero-emission vehicle requirements can, in fact, be met? We explain who the lucky winners are.

And we updated our monthly report on plug-in electric car sales in the U.S.

If you drive a car with an engine, and it starts to make noise, there's an app to tell you what it may cost to fix.

Finally, we told you yesterday that an "Apple self-driving car" was spotted—it was a Lexus SUV—and asked, what do we really know about it?.

Now, it turns out that Korean electronics and car maker Samsung has joined the self-driving car race too.


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