Today, a Tesla owner reacts to the automaker's new fees for Supercharger DC fast charging, a new report hints at the possible cost of the Faraday Future FF 91 electric car, and a German court orders Volkswagen to reimburse a diesel owner. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

While the demise of Victory Motorcycles seems to spell the end for the Empulse electric bike, parent company Polaris expects to continue with electric bikes in the future.

Could the Faraday Future FF 91 electric car cost nearly $300,000? In a recent interview, Faraday patron Jia Yueting indicated that it might.

Gas prices will have to rise to $3.00 a gallon before they start affecting consumers' car-purchasing decisions, a new study says.

Read one owner's reaction to new Tesla Supercharger fees.

A second Honda dealer recently achieved grid-neutral status, meaning it no longer relies on electricity from a utility company.

We asked our Twitter followers when they thought they would buy their very last gallon of gasoline ever. The results were fairly remarkable.

A German court ordered Volkswagen to reimburse the owner of a vehicle with a TDI diesel engine and "defeat device" software, potentially helping other owners suing the company.

An ad for the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car recently turned up on an electric-car charging station.

General Motors and Hyundai are both planning new, large investments in U.S. factories.

Finally, the 2018 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman is yet another variant in the ever-expanding Mini lineup.


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