Individual dealers and several competitor automakers have already tried to cash in on the Volkswagen diesel settlement, but VW itself hasn't offered any notable incentives since the settlement was approved.

The settlement applies to 2.0-liter 4-cylinder TDI diesel cars found to have illegal "defeat device" software.

It gives owners the options to take a buyback, or wait for approved modifications that will allow their cars to meet emissions standards.

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Most owners are expected to take the buyback, meaning they'll soon be in the market for new cars.

While not targeted specifically at TDI owners, Volkswagen is offering a $1,000 loyalty bonus to current owners through the end of the month, reports CarsDirect.

Owners of VW models from 2001 or later qualify the bonus, and it can be applied to most new models.

2017 Volkswagen Passat

2017 Volkswagen Passat

Shoppers can't apply the bonus to the purchase or lease of new Golf R, Golf Alltrack, or #PinkBeetle, however.

The bonus doesn't require owners to trade in their existing cars, and can be transferred to other members of the same household.

It can also be combined with other current Volkswagen purchase and lease incentives.

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As one example of the possible savings, a Los Angeles-area dealer is currently advertising a lease on a 2017 Jetta S at $149 a month for $36 months with no money down, with the bonus factored in.

In addition to the main Volkswagen brand, VW Group property Audi is offering loyalty bonuses to current owners, and "conquest" bonuses to shoppers coming from competitor brands.

While Volkswagen hasn't begun sending out buyback offers yet, certain automakers are already actively targeting current TDI owners with special incentives.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta

2017 Volkswagen Jetta

Hyundai is offering "Friends & Family" pricing to 2.0-liter TDI owners, a flat discount similar to the employee and supplier discounts it and other automakers already offer.

Volvo is offering the same TDI owners a free 5-year extended warranty, which includes scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance.

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Alternatively, TDI owners can take a $750 credit on certified pre-owned Volvo models.

Beyond the automaker incentives, we know of at least a couple of individual dealers that have contacted affected Volkswagen TDI owners about special offers.

While it hasn't announced any special incentives, General Motors has indicated it will will target current VW TDI owners with advertising for its new Chevrolet Cruze diesel compact sedan and hatchback when they go on sale next spring.


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