Electric car prices need to fall (but how much?), Tesla upgrades both its battery architecture and its Autopilot software, and how about that ice driving? All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Sure, you know Nissan and Tesla, but which European maker just delivered its 100,00th electric car last Friday?

Today, the sticker prices of electric cars are a turnoff for too many car shoppers. We asked how low they'd have to go for mass-market success.

The new, longer-range, more powerful 100D versions of Tesla's Model S and Model X may be key to its Model 3 development. We explain why.

With two dozen or more electric cars at this year's Paris Motor Show, it promises to be a good one for green cars. We've updated our list of debuts and concepts.

Now we know how far the range-extended electric 2017 BMW i3 REx can travel on its larger battery pack and bigger gas tank. A window sticker tells us the numbers.

We've got all the details on the new 8.0 upgrade to the Tesla Autopilot electronic active-safety software.

Finally, just because we're not quite over the weekend—and even though it's hardly green at all—wouldn't you like to go ice-driving in a classic 60-year-old Jaguar sedan?

We would ...


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