Today, electric-car charging companies ask for independent oversight of $2 billion in Volkswagen diesel fines, the variable-compression Infiniti VC-T engine is scheduled for production in 2018, and new analysis argues that automakers may be making cars bigger because of gas-mileage rules. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Charging companies request oversight for the $2 billion in Volkswagen diesel fines that will likely go toward electric-car charging infrastructure.

Infiniti plans to launch a variable-compression engine in 2018, likely making it the first carmaker to do so.

What would it take to get Australia to 100-percent renewable energy? Lots of electric cars, according to a new report.

Gas-mileage rules may actually be partly responsible for the trend toward larger cars, new analysis argues.

An MIT study claims that 87 percent of vehicles on the road today could be electric with no problems.

Finally, Ford promises a fully-autonomous vehicle for ride-sharing services within five years, but makes no mention of whether said car will be available to individual buyers.


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