We look at which maker sells more electric cars as a percentage than any other, how Tesla Stores baffle conventional car dealers, and why you should pay attention to proposed changes in California's arcane zero-emission vehicle credits system. All this and more, today on Green Car Reports.

Tesla Stores don't necessarily pressure every visitor to sign on the dotted line, and that baffles conventional dealerships. Imagine that.

A reader caught the upcoming 2017 Honda Clarity sedan testing in Southern California; we've got the spy shots.

Sales of zero-emission vehicle credits in California are complex, but far-reaching. Now the state may cap them. That's important; we explain why.

Not happy with the reach and illumination from your headlights? You're not alone; the IIHS says most are pretty bad.

Who sells more electric cars, as a percentage of their total U.S. sales, than any other maker? It's still BMW, but a new vehicle is helping them out.

It turns out there's a 2016 Nissan Murano Hybrid in the lineup now. Who knew?

While the SEC is investigating a recent Tesla Autopilot crash, CEO Elon Musk has a secret plan. Of course.

Finally, how about autonomous driving for off-road conditions? Jaguar Land Rover is working on it.


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