Borgward BX5 and Projekt BX6 TS

Borgward BX5 and Projekt BX6 TS

Borgward is hardly a household name anywhere, but the recently-revived automaker hopes that its new plug-in hybrids will make it a hit in China's still-growing new car market.

At this week's Geneva Motor Show, Borgward debuted a pair of crossovers christened BX5 and Projekt BX6 TS.

The Geneva debuts follow in the footsteps of the Borgward BX7 sport-utility vehicle that formally revived the name at its 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show debut last fall.

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Today's Borgward doesn't have much in common with its predecessor, which declared bankruptcy in 1961.

At one point, Borgward was one of the largest automakers in Germany, best known for its Isabella.

1957 Borgward Isabella Coupe

1957 Borgward Isabella Coupe

That premium model slotted in between Opel and Mercedes-Benz in its home market at the time.

Now, the grandson of the company's founder is working with Chinese industrial giant Foton to revive the nameplate.

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The BX5 is a small, traditional crossover powered by an internal combustion engine producing 143 horsepower that mates to an electric motor rated at 115 hp.

Borgward has otherwise remained tight-lipped about the crossover's powertrain details other than stating that it's a plug-in hybrid.

2016 Borgward BX7

2016 Borgward BX7

Meanwhile, the shapely Projekt  BX6 TS is more akin to the BMW X4 with its coupe-like roofline.

With seating for only four and a compromised cargo area, it would appear to be more of a styling statement for the brand than a practical production model.

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Borgward says the Projekt BX6 TS makes use of a turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine mated to an electric motorbut, again, few details have been released. 

For now, Borgward isn't saying whether the BX5 or Projekt BX6 TS are slated for production, as the larger BX7 is.


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