Today, we look at whether the 2017 Chevroley Bolt EV is a Tesla competitor, a BMW executive says the Volkswagen emissions scandal will hurt all U.S. diesel sales, and WaiveCar launches ad-supported electric-car sharing in California.

WaiveCar is an ad-supported car-sharing service that lets consumers rent electric cars free for up to two hours.

BMW admits the Volkswagen emissions scandal hurts all U.S. diesel sales, but Chrysler is more confident.

British Columbia is a case study of what happens when electric-car incentives run out.

Eccentric British carmaker Morgan says it will add hybrid powertrains to all of its models over the next few years.

Is the Chevy Bolt EV's mission really to marginalize Tesla? See how the car developed in the context of Tesla's growth.

Tesla shows how its new autonomous-driving technology can "revolutionize" commuting in a new YouTube video.

Finally, Apple's rumored car project loses its leader, and a faces a hiring freeze, according to a new report.


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