Today, see why all hydrogen fuel-cell cars are really "compliance cars," Faraday Future's plans for a $1 billion electric-car factory, and why Bob Lutz thinks the Volkswagen scandal will kill off "clean diesel" as a marketing concept. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

See what effect the launch of the second-generation Chevrolet Volt had on plug-in electric car sales in Canada.

"Clean Diesel is dead" says former General Motors product czar Bob Lutz in response to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Mysterious electric-car startup Faraday Future says it will spend $1 billion on a U.S. factory for the car it plans to launch in 2017. The company says it is considering locations in California, Georgia, Louisiana, and Nevada.

Find out why all hydrogen fuel-cell cars are "compliance cars," for now at least.

We break down Tesla's unusual relationship (or lack thereof) with the legacy automotive press.

If you're an Apple News user, we have good news: Green Car Reports is now carried in Apple News.

See why Lexus isn't comfortable with building cars in China.

Finally, Tesla may constrain use of its Autopilot system in response to videos showing some near-misses making the rounds online.


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