Today, we look at battery degradation of the course of the life of a Tesla Model S electric car, how Honda's fuel-cell vehicle could preview future battery-electric and plug-in hybrid models, and the first hint at Nissan's electric 2015 Tokyo Motor Show concept. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Check out drives of the 2016 Honda Civic and 2016 Scion iA in our Week in Reverse feature and video.

See how a Tesla Model S saved a woman and child from a landslide.

An update on battery degradation from the owner of a 2013 Tesla Model S.

Cars will vanish from downtown Oslo by 2020, according to a new plan being drafted by the Norwegian capital's city council.

Both electric cars and gasoline cars lose range in cold weather, but electrics lose more, new data shows.

Honda will unveil its fuel-cell vehicle at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show this week, but there's still no word on the company's planned plug-in hybrid and battery-electric cars. Could all three be versions of the same model?

Nissan's Tokyo Motor Show concept could preview the next-generation Leaf. Or maybe not.

U.S. emissions testing is unrealistic, but European testing is far worse, according to one report.

Do autonomous cars need driver's licenses too? A new study claims they might.

Finally, Toyota regains the lead in global sales in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.


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