A new and mysterious Tesla Model Y, some thoughts on the damage done by diesel cheating, and a Lamborghini with a plug--and a cargo bay. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Following yesterday's report on last month's U.S. plug-in electric car sales, today we've got the electric-car sales report for Canada.

(How many U.S. readers know what a "double-double" is? Read the piece to find out.)

Our sister site The Car Connection has just announced a new Driver's Choice Award; we encourage our readers to vote early and vote often (well, once a day).

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about a future Tesla 'Model Y'--and then deleted his tweet. Why?

That upcoming Lamborghini SUV? (Yes, really--a Lambo utility vehicle.) It'll have a plug-in hybrid option.

Meanwhile, we've been thinking about possible long-term effects of the VW diesel-emission cheating scandal--and what it means for future cars and the auto industry.

How would you feel about driving next to an autonomous Mercedes-Benz semi truck, at autobahn speeds? It happened; we've got video.

Finally, some recent Honda Fit and Honda Civic models are recalled to fix a transmission software flaw.


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