After showing two concept vehicles over the course of two years, Honda will unveil its hydrogen fuel-cell production car at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show a month from now.

The first teaser image of the Honda FCV shows a car somewhat influenced by the 2013 FCEV concept, and the FCV concept followup that debuted in Tokyo last year.

The production model has a more conventional shape than either of the concepts, and a front fascia that seems to borrow elements from the 2016 Civic and Accord.

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Certain elements from the FCV concept--including the fender vents and the scoops in the rear doors--are still present as well, but toned down.

Still, it appears Honda is taking a similar approach to rival Toyota and its 2016 Mirai, using expressive styling to advertise the hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain.

Note that the name FCV is only a placeholder. The car's actual name will be revealed during Tokyo Motor Show press days.

Honda FCV Concept

Honda FCV Concept

Honda says the car's fuel-cell powertrain so compact that it fits entirely under the hood.

The sedan will have seating for five, and an estimated range of 700 kilometers (434 miles), Honda says.

However, that's as measured on the more-optimistic Japanese testing cycle. Expect it to drop a bit on the U.S. EPA cycle.

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Still, it's possible that the Honda fuel-cell sedan will be the second zero-emission vehicle officially rated at more than 300 miles of range in the U.S.

The 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell sedan is rated at 312 miles of range by the EPA.

Like the Mirai, Honda says the Japanese-specification version of its hydrogen car will also be able to serve as a backup power source for houses during power outages.

Honda FCEV concept

Honda FCEV concept

Honda did not offer any other details, although it does promise an "exhilarating" driving experience, thanks to "high-output motors."

The company previously said that the FCV will go on sale in Japan in March 2016, and arrive in the U.S. sometime after that.

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Sales may be limited to California, an approach taken by Toyota and Hyundai--with its Tucson Fuel Cell--because the Golden State is currently the only one with substantial hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

Press days for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show begin October 28. Watch this space for more details on the Honda FCV.


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