Oh, those dastardly electric cars.

Their siren-like allure tempts otherwise innocent drivers to abandon their life-long infatuations with ultimate German driving machines and other fine automotive specimens that deliver driving pleasure via explosions of vaporized hydrocarbons thousands of times a minute.

Where will this madness end?

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Not, it appears, with Southern California marketing executive Chris Baccus.

Four months ago, we noted his a blog post he wrote mulling the idea that the driving fun of his new Fiat 500e electric car might get him to sell his prized 2007 BMW 335i convertible.

2015 FIAT 500e 2-door HB BATTERY ELECTRIC Dashboard

2015 FIAT 500e 2-door HB BATTERY ELECTRIC Dashboard

But, he wrote, what he hadn't expected was that "I would enjoy driving this tiny, 111-horsepower Fiat more than the [BMW] I still own."

Now, the seduction is complete: Baccus has put the BMW up for sale.

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He posted a photo of the soon-to-be-sold BMW on his Facebook account this past Saturday, with a link to the AutoTrader ad in which he describes the 74,000-mile car.

2007 BMW 335i for sale, September 2015 [photo: Chris Baccus]

2007 BMW 335i for sale, September 2015 [photo: Chris Baccus]

"I'm the original owner, non-smoker, garage and car cover kept," he writes, noting that it was well taken care of, and that he has all maintenance records.

His heartless tone must chill the bones of the BMW faithful--one of their group so suddenly shifting allegiance to some saucy little orange Italian minx, without even a transmission.

The space it used to occupy won't go empty; Baccus says he's looking at a classic, like a 1970s BMW 3.0 CSL or a 1960s Ford Mustang.

And this being southern California, the Baccus household still has a 2012 Volvo XC70 T6, known affectionately as the Family Truckster, in addition to the Fiat.

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His friends seemed split: half horrified, half applauding the move.

But let this be a lesson to all you German-car enthusiasts: Sometimes those lifelong romances with shiny Teutonic performance toys are more tenuous than they seem.

Sic transit gloria mundi.


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