Today, we have plug-in electric car sales results for July, plans to build the world's largest hydrogen fueling station in San Francisco, and a report that a Nissan Leaf crossover could join the existing five-door hatchback as part of an upcoming redesign. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

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The next-generation Nissan Leaf could spawn a whole family of electric cars, a new report claims.

San Francisco's planned hydrogen fuel-cell ferry will be supported by the world's largest hydrogen fueling station.

Plug-in electric car sales for July show the Leaf plummeting, while the Chevrolet Volt holds steady.

Stricter emissions standards may soon bring a wave of new plug-in electric cars, but are consumers ready for them? Analysts think the answer may be "no."

The Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle returns as the 2016 Victory Empulse TT, and we've got all of the details.

Audi, BMW, and Daimler partner to buy Nokia's Here mapping division, which is perceived as an effort to stave off incursions from Google.

Finally, the EcoBoost-powered 2016 Ford GT race car gets caught testing in a new spy video.


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