Today, we have a drone flyover of the Tesla "Gigafactory" site in Nevada, an update on California's green carpool-lane stickers for plug-in hybrids, and a German state's plans to test an "eco lane" for green cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

A drone flyover of the Tesla Gigafactory construction site shows just how massive the new plant will be when it's finished.

Will a Tesla Powerwall home battery save you money? A new cost calculator can help you find out.

Rebates on the 2015 Toyota Prius hybrid rise for Californians.

California's green carpool-lane stickers are all but gone. Will that negatively affect sales of plug-in hybrids in the state?

A test stretch of Dutch bike lane with solar panels is producing more power than expected, the operator says.

A German state plans to test the concept of "eco lanes" restricted to the cars with the lowest emissions.

How this for an incentive: an Oklahoma car dealer is giving away a free tornado shelter with every purchase.

Finally, check out the hybrid powertrain used in the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO Le Mans racer.


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