We look at sales figures for a surprisingly popular fuel-efficient small car, analyze cost declines in electric-car batteries, and suggest why the European and Asian idea of "city cars" doesn't make sense in North America. All this and more today on Green Car Reports.

Can you guess which 40-mpg small car outsells a Toyota Prius model and Ford's C-Max Hybrid in some months? We were surprised at the data.

The cost of electric-car batteries has been falling at 8 percent a year, a new report suggests--pretty much confirming the historic rate for lithium-ion cells.

As luxury makers produce ever-smaller cars and crossovers, we look at how small Lexus might get in future products.

Many makers often refer to battery-electric cars as "city cars," but one electric-car driver says that in the U.S., that's a mistake.

Turns out Ford has been granted a patent on an 11-speed automatic transmission. How many gears is TOO many gears?

That adorable retro '1957' Edition of the Fiat 500 can now be ordered in the cloth-roofed Cabrio model too.

And, finally, the first crash-test ratings for the Ford F-150 pickup truck with its aluminum cab and bed have now been released.


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