The diesel-engined 2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TDI appears to have one other advantage over its gasoline-powered sibling--besides superior fuel economy, that is.

It turns out that the lease deal offered so far for the diesel model of the new wagon is much better than the one for a comparable gasoline version.

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Because while the TDI has a much higher base price, it only costs $10 more per month to lease.

This leasing information comes from a Volkswagen document release earlier this month spotted by CarsDirect.

2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

Volkswagen still lists the outgoing 2014 Jetta SportWagen on its website. This model will be retired when the Golf SportWagen launches in the coming month.

The document shows the base SportWagen TDI S leasing for $319 a month for 36 months, with $2,349 due at signing.

A similarly-equipped SportWagen S with a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine is listed at $309 per month, also for 36 months with $2,349 due at signing.

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Yet while the gasoline version starts at $22,215 (including destination), the diesel costs $25,415--a premium of $3,200.

Prices listed for both models are with the standard six-speed manual transmission; a six-speed automatic is an $1,100 option regardless of engine choice.

The Golf SportWagen TDI features the same EA288 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine used in most other VW diesel models.

2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

It produces 150 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, compared to 170 hp and 199 lb-ft for the 1.8-liter gasoline engine.

EPA fuel-economy ratings are 35 mpg combined (31 mpg city, 43 mpg highway) with the manual transmission. The automatic loses 1 mpg in the highway category.

That makes for a significant advantage over the 29 mpg combined (25 mpg city, 36 mpg highway) achieved by the 1.8-liter gasoline engine with the manual transmission.

The automatic drops 1 mpg highway in this case as well.

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While the SportWagen model was sold in the U.S. as a Volkswagen Jetta for its previous generations, the latest version is being sold as a VW Golf to bring it into line with the rest of the world.

The 2015 Golf SportWagen uses the latest seventh-generation Golf underpinnings, while the current VW Jetta now dates back to the 2011 model year.

Volkswagen lists April 2015 as the launch date for the 2015 Golf SportWagen, so expect it to arrive at dealers in the coming weeks.


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