Today, we look at the performance of the Tesla Model S P85D electric car, progress on Tesla's battery-cell "Gigafactory" in Nevada, and how nuclear waste could potentially be used to generate electricity for all of those Tesla plug-in cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Is the Tesla Model S P85D the world's fastest sedan? To find out, someone will have to test its top speed.

Find out how one owner avoided a $4,400 Toyota Camry Hybrid battery pack repair bill with $10 worth of work.

Check out new photos that show progress on the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.

See why a group of scientists believe nuclear waste could offer a carbon-free energy source.

Canada launches an investigation after Nissan Leaf owners complain of brake problems.

Car dependability problems are increasingly caused by tech woes, not mechanical issues, a J.D. Power study finds.

A new Volkswagen concept for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show features a hybrid all-wheel drive powertrain.

Finally, an updated version of the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV plug-in hybrid will also debut in Geneva, and preview a future production model.


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