Our last daily roundup of stories for 2014 is a short one, since we're taking time off today and tomorrow to celebrate the New Year along with most of the Western world.

Overall, 2014 was a good year for green cars, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council--which laid out the numbers for us.

We also ran down our top five stories for 2014 in our Year In Reverse look at our most popular pieces.

Would you believe they were mostly about diesels and pickup trucks?

Yup, surprised us too.

(Though we did have the upcoming 2016 Toyota Prius hybrid in there as well--but no single electric-car story, oddly.)

In other news, several Volkswagen models have been recalled to fix potential fuel leaks.

New data seems to show that younger drivers and older cars can be a dangerous combination.

And finally, if you've always wanted to see a gull-wing DeLorean coupe turned into a hovercraft, now's your chance. We've got it on video.

Thank you, as always, for continuing to read Green Car Reports.

And Happy New Year!


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