If you've never heard of the Iron Butt Assocation, you may not be a motorcycle rider--but you'll be interested in the first electric bike rider to win the honor.

Plus a crack in the dealer opposition to Tesla Motors, and some encouraging news on wind and solar energy. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

What happens to sales when electric-car purchase incentives go away? British Columbia is one case study, and we've looked at it.

Natural-gas vehicles continue to be stepchildren in the green-car market; we discuss why.

Could an admission that Tesla might win over auto dealers be an admission that Tesla will win? Read and decide for yourselves.

Carbon-free electricity has long been the ideal, but it's never been cost-competitive with natural gas. Now, that's changed.

Riding an electric motorcycle 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours would be impossible, right? Nope.

The first autonomous-driving permit in California has gone to Audi (that is, not to Google).

And finally, we've got photos of the latest Batmobile. It's not green; it's black.


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