Lots of Tesla news today--including hackers, purchase incentives, even environmental rules in California--plus jet fuel from tobacco, and the odious practice of "rolling coal." All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla Motors recently showed up at a hacker conference, looking to hire software hackers to ensure its present and future cars are as secure as they can be.

What do you do if tobacco is a major crop but the market for cigarettes is declining? You could make jet fuel from tobacco leaves; Boeing is now testing it out.

When used battery packs come out of electric cars, what happens to them? A new report tries to answer that question.

It's known as "rolling coal," and now a New Jersey legislator wants to make modifying your diesel truck to spew black smoke illegal.

To stretch its electric-car purchase-rebate funds--which keep running out--California may impose an income cap for eligibility, which could target Tesla.

Meanwhile, California may also waive environmental rules to lure Tesla's gigafactory to the state where the company is headquartered and assembles its cars.

In the long run-up to the launch of the new Volvo XC90 crossover, we now know more about its lightweight modular platform (there'll be a plug-in hybrid model too).

And, finally, we list the safest cars of 2014.


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