Remember the Lexus LF-NX, the jaw-dropping concept for a new compact crossover from Toyota's luxury brand?

It's been making the rounds at auto shows since last fall, scaring small children in many cities.

Well, looks like Lexus will dial down the styling considerably when it hits the showrooms later this year as the 2015 Lexus NX.

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We know this because at a Society of Automotive Analysts presentation before the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, Toyota CEO Jim Lentz mentioned the LF-NX concept--but the image on the accompanying slide was not the concept.

Instead, it was a toned-down version--and very likely the production version that we've long known would be coming, at least somewhat based on the redesigned 2013 Toyota RAV4.

The image comes to us courtesy of AmericanJR, who uploaded Lentz's entire presentation to YouTube on video (via Autoblog).

The LF-NX Concept is powered by a 2.5-liter Atkinson four-cylinder engine mated to the usual Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system, using a pair of motor-generators and a battery pack--though whether it uses traditional nickel-metal-hydride or newer lithium-ion cells was not specified.

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The hybrid model is likely to be sold as the Lexus 300h--a model name that the brand had previously trademarked--which suggests that the production version of the NX hybrid could share a powertrain with the ES 300h.

The production Lexus NX is expected to be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show this spring.

So what do you think: Was this a goof on the part of the marketing staff, or a subtly placed leak to generate some advance press on the Lexus NX in stories like this one?

Leave us your thoughts in the Comments below.


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