What better time for a road trip than February in the Northeast?

A group of Tesla Model S electric-car owners will converge on Washington, D.C., over the Presidents Day weekend (February 15-17) for a meet-up dubbed "@TeslaRoadTrip2014: All Superchargers lead to DC."

Organizers announced the event on Twitter and the Tesla Motors Club forum. They've also done some reconnaissance around the D.C. area to ensure that it will be prepared for an influx of Tesla electric cars.

The event is organized by the same group that organized a road trip between Rockville, Maryland and Groton, Connecticut last year in response to a controversial article in The New York Times.

2013 Tesla Model S at Supercharger station in Woodburn, Oregon, Nov 2013 [photo: George Parrott]

2013 Tesla Model S at Supercharger station in Woodburn, Oregon, Nov 2013 [photo: George Parrott]

To prove their point last year, the electric-car enthusiasts completed a journey that Times reporter John Broder could not--but this year's Tesla rally is an informal gathering of Model S owners, purely for fun.

Actually getting there could provide a thorough test of Tesla's expanding Supercharger network of fast-charging stations, depending on where participants are traveling from.

Interested road-trippers can e-mail teslaroadtrip [at] gmail [dot] com to sign up, or follow @TeslaRoadTrip on Twitter.

In a way, these Tesla road trips are a throwback to the early days of the automobile, when long-distance drives were used to prove the validity of the technology and the endurance of the driver.

Modern road trips aren't quite as grueling as early attempts to cross the country by car, but they can go a long way toward proving--both to the public and to owners themselves--that plug-in electric cars are useful outside of predictable short-range commutes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has discussed taking a road trip of his own, a cross-country drive with his five children, using a Model S to replace the Family Truckster of movie legend.

As the company continues to expand its Supercharger network beyond the coasts, such trips are likely to become increasingly commonplace, until one day they'll no longer be news.

[hat tip: Brian Henderson]


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