It may have been a holiday week, but that didn't stop the green automotive news from erupting. Here's a look back at what happened this week on Green Car Reports:

With the new 2015 Ford F-150 on the horizon, we laid out what we know so far regarding the new pickup truck's fuel economy. A few readers seemed to be displeased that Green Car Reports would write about a pickup truck, so we gently explained why covering these vehicles is important.

While it's been widely reported that Tesla's mainstream electric car would be called the Model E, it seems Ford is trying to trademark that model name. Which automaker will get the rights to the nameplate in the end?

In car-sharing news this week, there's a service in China that dispenses electric cars like a vending machine, and we discussed car-sharing popularity vs. profitability.

Meanwhile out of the far left field, one futurist thinks electric cars are so disruptive that they'll make gasoline-powered cars obsolete in 2016.

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