What happened this week in the world of green cars?

This week, we told you five facts about Tesla Motors and electric cars that might have surprised you.

Tesla also made headlines when CEO Elon Musk said the electric car company would have a self-driving car on the road within three years. That timeline would have Tesla's autonomous car on the road before many of the larger automakers.

Meanwhile, we sorted out the Supercharger mess and did some math for Forbes. Then there was news that General Motors is working on a Tesla-rivaling electric car that will have a 200-mile range and cost about $30,000.

California is about to get serious about funding hydrogen fueling stations while the Department of Energy is trying to sell its Fisker Automotive loan. All the while electric-car charging network Ecotality filed for bankruptcy.

Ford has now produced over 2 million EcoBoost engines, and BMW started production of the new all-electric i3.

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