This weekend on GreenCar Reports: Men love Teslas (is this really a surprise?), Big Oil may be blocking the rollout of more ethanol in gasoline--which most likely irritates Big Agriculture--and China too faces Traffic-Jam Hell. All this and more in today's car news, right here on Green Car Reports.

Men love the Tesla Model S, it turns out, for reasons that have nothing to do with being green.

We ran down the week in social media for Green Car Reports.

A bipartisan pair of Senators from agricultural states has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate claims that oil companies are blocking E15 availability.

According to a new study, China may face traffic-jam Hell sooner rather than later.

Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] has opened six Superchargers in Norway, its first on the European continent.

Happy Labor Day to all our U.S. readers!


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