Most of us, sadly, can't afford a brand new Tesla Model S electric sedan.

Even less so, a Tesla Model S with the latest metal-air battery technology, hinted for use in the company's future products.

But fret not, dear reader: There is another way to get your hands on metal-air battery technology, and it need not cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

In fact, childrens' science and technology product maker Thames & Kosmos will sell you an electric vehicle for just $64.95.

You'll have to build it yourself--or get a son or daughter to build it, ideally--and it won't take you to the grocery story, but it's a bona-fide technological masterpiece.

The Eco-Battery Vehicles kit features a magnesium-air electrochemical cell for its source of power, a battery the company describes as ideal for demonstrating battery technology as it doesn't use any harmful chemicals.

Due to that simple, non-harmful format, it means children can build the battery itself before installing it in any number of vehicle designs. Experimenting with different concentrations of salt water in the battery has different effects on the car's range, too.

Six metal plates are included with the kit, each one lasting as long as a regular AA battery. There's a 64-page experiment manual too, which should keep your age-10 and up child busy for a while.

Okay, so it's no replacement for that dream Model S, but it's a great educational kit and could be your child's first real inspiration towards their own future electric car.


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