If you publish thousands of stories a year, sometimes you get asked to speak to groups of people about your topic.

Which is how we came to talk about electric cars and try to allay some popular myths to a group of New York City activists called the Sane Energy Project.

In the person of cheerful co-founder Clare Donohue, Sane invited us to educate its members--who mostly don't own cars, many of whom don't drive at all--about plug-in electric cars and how they tie into U.S. energy policy and politics.

Green Car Reports gave a sort of high-level "Electric Cars 101," looking at how plug-ins will slowly enter our automotive fleet over the next few decades--and trying to dispel some of the myths around electric cars.

We were joined by the energetic Ari Kahn, New York City's policy advisor on electric-car readiness.

Kahn spoke specifically to the city's efforts to make New York's five boroughs a more hospitable place for electric cars, in a city where most people do not have their own garages--or even their own parking places.

He covered installation of NYC's first DC quick-charging station, and efforts to work with taxi owners and drivers toward future electric taxis.

Both panelists then answered questions from the audience, ranging across a surprising array of topics.

The videos from that event, which took place on March 12, are now live and available for your viewing pleasure.

The three segments are grouped together on an event page, Electric Cars: Is NYC Ready For EVs? but can be viewed individually:

Let us know what you think of both panelists' presentations, and whether you agree with the points of view expressed.

And if you're interested in having Green Car Reports speak (self-serving promotional warning here !!), drop us a note.

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