• 2019 Audi e-tron first drive  -  Abu Dhabi UAE, December 2018

    GM CEO Mary Barra confirmed that the company is developing an all-electric pickup. Audi is offering significant incentives right out of the gate on its new 2019 E-tron electric SUV. Our editor emeritus debunks some pervasive electric-car myths. Tesla faces a new lawsuit over last year's fatal Autopilot crash in California. And the results of our Earth Day Twitter poll show increasing optimism about EV capabilities. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Audi's 1.9 percent financing for 66 months on the new 2019 E-tron electric SUV is unusual in a brand new model just rolling into...

  • 2019 Nissan Leaf Plus
    Busting 7 of the most common myths about electric cars

    Reader receives some misleading information about electric cars, batteries, and manufacturing. We respond with facts and reason.

  • Nissan Leaf at West Coast Electric Highway charging station (Photo by Pine Mountain Sports)
    New propaganda video on electric-car tax credits: time to debunk!

    The U.S. federal income-tax credit for purchase of an electric car has seen its share of attacks over the years. Now a new video seeks to twist the facts to paint those subsidies in a bad light. While facts don't lie, it's easy to create a new narrative by taking carefully chosen facts out of...

  • Tesla Model S at Supercharger site in Ventura, CA, with just one slot open  [photo: David Noland]
    Propaganda video claiming 'dirty electric cars' debunked

    For years, electric-car skeptics raised concerns about what was cleverly dubbed "The Coal Tailpipe": the idea that plug-in vehicles produced just as many harmful emissions as gasoline cars, but in a different place. That's not remotely true for carbon dioxide, as multiple studies over the years...

  • Non-ethanol gasoline pump
    Ethanol wasn't killed by Prohibition at Rockefeller's request: another alt-fuel myth busted

    For almost a century, many people have blamed oil magnate John D. Rockefeller for the demise of ethanol as a viable fuel for internal-combustion engines. He fought its use, the theory goes, to eliminate competition for the gasoline derived from his Standard Oil business—whose descendant...

  • 1914 Ford Model T
    Alt-fuel history: Ford Model T wasn't designed for multiple fuels, really

    The myth surrounding the car that's credited with putting America on wheels simply isn't true: the Ford Model T was never meant to run fuels other than gasoline. The myth has circulated throughout the car's history, most recently thanks to the internet. It has mostly taken the form of a legend in...

  • 2015 Nissan Leaf

    We spend more time than we probably should in grumbling at media coverage of plug-in electric cars. Journalists try to get it right, in general, but often the specific and complex issues around electric cars, who buys them, and how they're really used get lost or ignored in general reporting. At one reader's suggestion, then, here are the five myths about electric cars we see most often. (1) Gas prices will hurt or kill sales of plug-in electric cars It's possible that this will happen, but as of yet, there'll little data to suggest that. And the data from a four-year study by Plug-In America...

  • wind farm
    Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds? Far Fewer Than Cell Towers...Or Cats

    Wind turbines are among the least-significant causes of bird deaths, a new study says.

  • 2014 Chevrolet Volt
    Chevy Volt: How It Really Works Vs Common Myths & Misconceptions

    How badly does the public misunderstand the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car? Pretty badly indeed, if the comments received by Volt owners are any indication. DON'T MISS: Three Years Later, Most Consumers Don't Understand The Chevy Volt Last week, we wrote that Chevrolet admits most...

  • Gas pump
    Five MORE Big Myths About Green Cars And Gas Mileage, Debunked

    Yep, Big Oil is definitely scheming and plotting to destroy the electric car. Everyone knows that. Right? [sigh] Time for more mythbusting, it seems. The surprising success of our first debunking of five green-car myths led us to look at five more relatively common ideas and explain ... well, as...

  • Gas pump
    Five Big Myths About Green Cars And Gas Mileage, Debunked

    Every now and then we get a reader question that reminds us how many myths about green cars are out there. In the interests of helping you actually save money by using less gasoline, here are five of our favorites--with explanations as to why they're myths. (1) Boosting gas mileage from 33 to 50...

  • Polar Charging Post and Nissan Leaf
    Electric Cars: Eight Important Things Everyone Should Know (But May Not)

    Sometime in the next few weeks, the 100,000th plug-in electric car will be sold in the U.S. But they're still mostly a mystery to the average new-car buyer, and there are a few key principles that get shared over and over again. Here they are, boiled down for easy consumption: eight things you need...

  • Green Car Reports editor John Voelcker discusses Electric Car Myths & Realities, March 2013

    If you publish thousands of stories a year, sometimes you get asked to speak to groups of people about your topic. Which is how we came to talk about electric cars and try to allay some popular myths to a group of New York City activists called the Sane Energy Project. In the person of cheerful co-founder Clare Donohue, Sane invited us to educate its members--who mostly don't own cars, many of whom don't drive at all--about plug-in electric cars and how they tie into U.S. energy policy and politics. Green Car Reports gave a sort of high-level "Electric Cars 101," looking at how plug-ins will...

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