Let's assume for a moment that you're interested in electric cars. (Not a far-fetched idea, since you're reading a blog called "Green Car Reports".)

You're intrigued by the growing number of options in extended-range vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt, but most of all, you're interested in fully electric rides. The Nissan Leaf isn't quite your style, but the Tesla Model S might fit the bill -- especially in light of Tesla's new leasing program. But before you sign on the dotted line, you'd really like to take one for a long test drive.

According to The Verge, if you're heading to Las Vegas in the near future, you might be able to do just that, thanks to something called Project 100.


Project 100 is a new initiative spearheaded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. It's one of many programs that fall under the umbrella of the Downtown Project, which aims to make Las Vegas a technological and cultural mecca.

Project 100 hasn't officially launched yet, but initial reports indicate that it's going to be much more than a simple car-sharing service like Zipcar. Not only will Project 100 members be able to share vehicles, they'll also have access to bikes, bus passes and more. The goal is to keep Las Vegas residents on the go without being bogged down with the hassle of owning a car:

Ultimately we decided to build something different that’s designed to replace your car 100% of the time. You have one key to your car and we wanted to build something that replaced that one key with one membership and not force you to decide each time which system was best for your need right now.

Of course, to keep those folks rolling, they'll need to pay a high-roller price: "We’re aiming to keep the monthly cost for most members in the same range as a traditional monthly car payment + insurance which averages around $400 per month."

Project 100's first fleet of vehicles will include the Tesla Model S -- 100 of them, to be exact. That's the largest single U.S. reservation in Tesla's history. Why 100 Teslas? Hsieh is glad you asked:

We chose the Tesla Model S as our primary vehicle for a lot of reasons. It’s a beautiful yet functional sedan that’s very fun to drive. It’s also a big computer on wheels which gives us the opportunity [sic] optimize the member experience over time and test a lot of theories about how people use vehicles. Tesla thinks like a startup and our conversations with their program and engineering teams so far solidified that they were the right long-term partner. Most importantly we wanted to replace peoples’ traditional vehicles with vehicles that do less harm to the environment than a traditional gas-powered vehicle. Since Teslas are 100% electric with excellent driving range, the choice was clear.

Project 100 hasn't officially opened to the public, so we don't yet know if it'll offer daily or weekly memberships to Las Vegas visitors. (We'd be surprised if it didn't, though.) You can keep up with Project 100's progress by signing up for email updates on the front page of its website.


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