Mitsubishi Motors Corp. is recalling 14,700 Mitsubishi i, or i-MiEV electric cars over a brake fault.

The global recall will fix a component of the brake booster system. In normal operation, an electric pump sends air to the brake booster, which applies extra force to that generated by the driver when pressing the brakes.

A fault with the electric pump may cause some examples to be improperly shaped or damaged, causing the car to travel a longer distance before coming to a halt, when the vehicle brakes.

Mitsubishi reports no injuries or deaths as a result of the issue, and there is no fire risk.

A spokesman said the component would take around half an hour to fix.

According to Reuters, the recall is far-reaching, and 14,700 cars will be affected. This includes 3,400 i-MiEV models in Japan, 2,400 Minicab-i-MiEV also in Japan, and around 8,900 i-MiEVs in Europe. Some of the affected European cars include the re-badged Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero.

In total, Mitsubishi has sold or exported around 27,200 i-MiEVs since the car's Japanese launch in 2009, so not every i-MiEV will be affected by the recall.

No U.S.-specific information has yet been released via the NHTSA's recall website--though with fewer than 700 cars sold in the U.S, the number affected is likely to be minimal. If affected, owners should be contacted in due course.

Mitsubishi's recall is one of the largest yet for plug-in vehicles. GM's recall of the Chevrolet Volt back in January 2012 for battery safety modifications affected approximately 8,000 vehicles.

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