The 2013 Detroit Auto Show is fast approaching, and details of new models are bombarding us from all angles.

Among the more interesting vehicles set to hit the show floor come from Via Motors.

The Bob Lutz-backed Via Motors produces plug-in trucks, based on GM vehicle chassis. Taking inspiration from the Chevrolet Volt, all use electric propulsion to drive the vehicles along, but utilize a range-extending engine to let them go a little further when required.

The headline figure for all of VIa's vehicles is 100 mpg--that's how much the company says you'll get in typical driving, using a mix of electricity and just a dash of gasoline.

In the video above, Lutz himself introduces two of Via's most significant Detroit debutants, the X-Truck and an electric SUV.

As we revealed back in December, the X-Truck will be a true monster, producing 800 horsepower from its electric motors, and stump-pulling torque. It makes a Ford Raptor look weak, yet Via still claims over 100 mpg in mixed driving.

Joining it is an 'Escalade-class' luxury SUV. In Lutz's words, it "drives like a Volt", and returns the same 100 mpg-plus.

Neither vehicle is likely to be cheap, with Via's regular trucks expected to cost around $79,000 when they go on sale, but on specification alone they're likely to attract at least a few customers--for some, the prospect of an 800-horsepower electric truck might be hard to resist...

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[Hat tip: Brian Henderson]


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