Remember the Porsche Boxster E?

The German sports car maker previewed the electric concept back in 2011, giving car enthusiasts a glimpse into what an official Stuttgart electric vehicle might be like.

The Boxster E has since faded from memory, though Porsche's 918 Spyder supercar will use plug-in hybrid technology--so not all the lessons have been lost. But what if you want your own electric Boxster right now?

Well, you could buy this one we found on eBay.

With a day and a half to go, one seller in South Carolina is asking $28,000 for their lithium-ion powered 2000 Boxster S.

Converted by Electric Vehicle Concepts, the modified S features a 9-inch electric motor hooked up to the standard car's six-speed manual transmission. The seller says that you'll mostly get around in third or fourth gear, though a change to fifth or sixth is advised for highway speeds above 60 mph.

A top speed of "over 125 mph" is apparently attainable, as is a range of over 50 miles at 55 mph, courtesy of batteries mounted in both the front and back of the car.

Other than that, it's all standard Boxster S, just as it was when the 40,000-mile flat-six engine was removed.

Unless bidding rises soon it's looking unlikely to meet reserve--not helped by the rather high purchase price, double that of many standard Boxsters of similar age on eBay.

But if you want an electric Boxster, what else are you gonna do? You won't be getting one directly from Porsche...


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