Were you expecting the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi to undercut its nearest rival, the 2012 Chevrolet Volt?

If so, you might be in for a surprise.

Ford has announced an entry-level price of $39,495 for the Fusion Energi in SE trim. That's $350 more than the Chevrolet Volt's starting price of $39,145.

And while you'll be able to benefit from state and federal tax incentives, these aren't as great as on the Volt either. Inside EVs points out that the Volt's larger battery pack allows owners to claim back the full $7,500 government tax credit compared to the Fusion's estimated $3,750, resulting in a net difference of $4,100 between the two.

Another $1,500 will get you a 'Titanium' trim Energi. Ford hasn't yet revealed details on the exact specification of either trim level.

The Fusion Energi will also have a lower electric range than the Volt, at around 20 miles.

Of course, it still scores in other areas.

That large battery pack in the Volt robs the car of a fifth seat, while the Fusion can be considered a full five-seater. It should also beat the Volt's 37 MPG rating in extended range mode, with a figure in the low 40s--shy of the Fusion Hybrid's 47 mpg, just like its C-Max Energi and hybrid siblings.

If the Fusion Energi can deliver on Ford's promise of "over 100 MPGe" combined then it will still be an impressive vehicle--but we'll have to wait and see whether drivers pick it over the Volt, or even the cheaper C-Max Energi.


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