It happens already: Chevy Volt owners compare their lifetime electric miles, how long they've driven without using gasoline, and their lifetime gas mileage.

Now Chevrolet is formalizing the competition, with plans to release a mobile phone app that lets owners register and compete with each other based on their Volt's Onstar operations data.

The Volt Driver Challenge App was announced at the two-day GM Electrification Summit event held in California yesterday and today.

It will log a Volt's daily and cumulative percentage of electric miles driven, its daily and cumulative miles per gallon, the total gallons of fuel saved, and let drivers compare their numbers to comparable data from other Volt drivers.

The app awards digital badges to drivers that include "Rookie," "Fuel Miser," "Junior EV VIP" and full-fledged "EV VIP," as well as indicators for road trips that Volt drivers have taken.

It also includes a monthly calendar that lets owners specify their goals for electric miles and MPG, and track progress against them, and a leaderboard for participating Volt drivers.

The app will soon be available for Android and iOs mobile phones.

Chevrolet provided airfare, lodging, and meals so that High Gear Media could bring you this first-person report.


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