Larger-than-life TV presenter Jay Leno is known for his love and obsession of cars--and not just those fueled by gasoline.

To prove it, he tests one of the hottest electric cars around in his latest video--the 2012 Tesla Model S.

The comedian even counts a 1909 Baker Electric among his personal collection, as well as a Chevrolet Volt--as long as it has wheels, he doesn't discriminate.

Not that many discriminate against the Model S, which has performance that even dyed-in-the-wool gasoline-heads can appreciate.

And Jay does his best to highlight that right at the start of the video (and the end), with a smoky getaway to prove that even electric cars can still do burnouts.

The rest of the test is a little more factual, but Jay comes away impressed--rating the car's ride, performance and technology. The long range is commended too--Tesla says 300 miles on the 85 kWh battery pack, and officially the EPA rates it at 265 miles.

In fact, he finds very little to criticize, even offering a few words of wisdom to gasoline-only enthusiasts--the more electric cars there are, the less gas is wasted on boring commutes. That just means more for weekend toys...

His verdict? A fairly understated "Pretty cool". We wonder how long it'll be until a Model S turns up in Jay's own collection...


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