While many are in agreement that lower prices will be a major catalyst for tempting people into electric cars, some things are worth paying that little bit extra for.

Could the 2012 Tesla Model S be one of those things?

For Mike Jackson, CEO of auto retail company Autonation, then the answer is probably yes.

Detroit News reports that in an interview before his speech to the Rotary Club of Atlanta, Jackson described the new Model S sedan as a "first-rate car"--going on to say that it's the best electric car he's driven to date.

That's despite noting that the Model S is still a relatively expensive car. "The economics will still be the limiting factor. It's still very expensive, but it's really a first-rate car."

That'll be music to the ears of Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA], as it gets ready to step up production, following completion of its first 100 cars.

Expensive it may be, but for eager buyers, that high price is something they don't seem to mind paying...


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