While gas prices in the state of California are finally dropping following last week’s Southern California peak of more than $5 per gallon, the financial and social implications of such high gas prices are still being felt by its residents. 

As The LA Times reported earlier this week, Californians have been venting their pump-shock frustration on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook in droves.

In addition to numerous joke-filled quips about how they plan to live life without cars, many tweets show the financial pain that regular Californians feel about filling up.

“Now you gotta pick. Gas or food,” wrote one man, while another expressed the irony that he needed to sell his car in order to afford gasoline. 

Many Californians appear to be forgoing their cars altogether, walking instead of driving. 

Others, have started to look into all-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars. 

“Gas prices are insane in California. $87 to fill up. $5 a gallon. Time to look at hybrids...,” wrote Justin Moore

Gas pump

Gas pump

For those who needed gas, but couldn’t afford to change cars, another solution presented itself: driving out-of-state to buy gas.

Meanwhile, those with electric and plug-in cars have been feeling a little more than smug, especially given the number of Americans now saying they’re seriously considering the switch to an electric car

Chris Paine, documentary film maker and electric car advocate summed up the situation nicely on his Twitter feed, “Gas prices up, electric car prices down.”

But perhaps our favorite twitter comment comes from a certain Dwight Graham, who wrote “With high gas prices Electric Cars are going like HotCakes...Just put sum Butter&Syrup on one~Still tastes like regular car”[sic].

How did you survive high Californian gas prices? Did you have to choose to fill up or do something else? 

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