Ford could have a winner on its hands with the impressively frugal 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid, but already Ford has announced a new range-topping model

The Fusion Hybrid Titanium is set to top the range at $32,995, and loads on the luxury to justify the premium.

Externally, front fog lamps, chrome accents on the door handles, a rear deck spoiler and polished 18-inch alloy wheels all add visual drama.

Inside, buyers will enjoy electrically adjustable seats, trimmed in leather. The steering wheel also features a leather rim, while metallic trim enlivens several interior surfaces.

Titanium models also get a 12-speaker Sony audio system, improved SYNC connectivity, a rear-view camera and ambient lighting for night-time driving.

Check out our first drive of the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

It uses a lithium-ion battery pack and can manage up to 62 mph on electric propulsion alone, and though Ford hasn't yet released full horsepower or torque figures for the 2.0-liter hybrid drivetrain, performance should be peppy.

Naturally, like the regular, $27,995 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE, the Titanium also gets 47 mpg across the board in EPA testing--city, highway and combined mileage are all the same.

The Fusion Hybrid certainly out-punches Toyota's 41 mpg Camry Hybrid on EPA figures, but it might be even more appealing with a lower price tag. Forget high-spec Titanium models, Ford--how about a $25,000 entry-level 'Bronze' edition with a little less equipment?...

The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid goes on sale later this year, while the Titanium arrives in early 2013.


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