Sports cars aren't typically known for their high gas mileage, and racing cars even less so.

But Ford's EcoBoost-powered single-seater is a little different, and following its high-speed Nurburgring lap, the company now suggests it might produce it for the road.

Speaking with U.K. magazine EVO, Ford revealed that it's interested in producing a limited number of the 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder racer for road use. The 'Ring-beater was made road-legal, allowing Ford to drive it to and from the famous circuit on public roads.

With 202-horsepower the tuned engine makes a little more power than the 123-hp unit we'll soon get in the 1.0-liter Fiesta, but thanks to the racer's incredibly low weight--only 1,100 pounds--it has the potential for spectacular economy figures.

In fact, cruising at 75 mph the car achieves 47 mpg, better than virtually any other car on sale in the U.S. right now, despite its hypercar-rivaling performance--it'll reach 60mph in around 3 seconds.

Modifications to make the racer road legal were relatively few, mainly consisting of front and rear blade-style light clusters, cycle fenders for each wheel, and a rear license plate.

There's no doubt the car would make an uncompromising road vehicle--it'd be a long way from Miata-like comfort--but for a mixture of performance and gas mileage, very little would even come close. In fact, you'd have to go electric and pick up a Tesla Roadster, to find a greener sports car.

The EcoBoost Formula Ford would likely have Tesla Roadster-style pricing too a Ford executive suggesting it would cost "well under £100,000 ($160,000)".

"Well under" or not, that's a lot of money for a bare-bones sports car--though just imagine what you'd save on gas...


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