The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic, General Motors’ popular subcompact car, is being recalled to fix a potential fault with the windshield wiper hose. 

According to the official recall posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s SaferCar website, the recall affects 44,668 cars made between May 5, 2011 and February 24, 2012.

The problem appears to surround a faulty washer hose which could separate from the washer fluid reservoir. 

When this happens, the car’s windshield washer is unable to pump washer fluid to the windshield, meaning it cannot be properly cleaned. 

A continued lack of washing could result in the windshield becoming difficult to see through, increasing the risk of a crash. 

GM has said that the recall will commence around September 7, and will notify drivers if their cars are affected. 

The remedial work, essentially a modification to secure the washer hose to the reservoir, will be undertaken by GM at local Chevrolet dealers at no cost to owners. 

Concerned owners can contact GM on 1-866-694-6546 or the NHTSA on 1-888-327-4236


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